Back panel all fit up. Still a ways off from installing it, but I’m glad to have it out of the way. Excited to start dovetailing some drawers. #letsmakeadresser

Scribing the back panel to fit the case. #letsmakeadresser

Trimming drawer backs to length. #letsmakeadresser

Planing curly maple drawer sides to fit. #letsmakeadresser

Third verse, same as the first. #letsmakeadresser

Correcting grain runout on the drawer sides. #letsmakeadresser

First partial glueup of the pre-finished back panel. I’m excited to see this whole thing put together. #walnut #letsmakeadresser

Heck yeah- this just showed up this morning, after having been waylaid at the gallery around the corner for the last few days. Vintage Stover Mfg. Co. saw vise from @anneofalltrades . I can’t wait to start using this thing.

First few coats of super-thin shellac on the interior sides of the back panels. #walnut #letsmakeadresser

New shelves! #letterblocks #lazysunday

Lazy Sunday house project. #letterblocks

Sorting through drawer fronts. #whichwayisup #letsmakeadresser


Bridge Table and Chairs, padauk, 2014.  Hand-cut dovetails, shop-made brass hardware, shop-sawn veneer.  

Finally got around to adding a picture of the table top.  This was a 24-piece sunburst pattern, using veneers cut from the same board the rest of the table was made from.  All the joinery was done by hand.  

Fitting up drawer fronts. Still a little ways to go. I love this part. #letsmakeadresser

Resawing some extra-wide curly maple for drawer stock. Slow going. #letsmakeadresser