First set of dividers glued in. I’m excited- the case is starting to look more like an actual piece of furniture, and less like just this weird gigantic box. #letsmakeadresser

In the shop right now: Eames chair, Viking ship. Every day is an adventure.

Planing a extra-slight taper across the width of one of the drawer dividers. Once everything is together, this should give the drawers themselves just a little bit of “let go.” #letsmakeadresser #crfw

More chamfers. This will eventually be one of the drawer dividers. #letsmakeadresser

Milling some short-grain splines. #letsmakeadresser

Routing spline grooves. #letsmakeadresser

Shooting the end gain on one of the divider panels to fit. #letsmakeadresser

Planing some inside-chamfers. #letsmakeadresser

Planing the extra-wide walnut panels from yesterday. Just for the record, there’s no sweat-fueled moral high ground here; if I had an 18” planer in the shop, I would send these things through it in a heartbeat. #electricity #machines #handtools #letsmakeadresser

Internal divider-panels, drawer fronts, and back panels finally milled and glued up. The last few days have felt like trying to make a four-course meal out of whatever you have left over in the fridge, but it’s still exciting to see things go from a (very) rough pile of lumber into something vaguely resembling parts. #letsmakeadresser

Laying out drawer fronts. Fitting up drawers is still a good ways off, but I wanted to make sure the front of the case looks at least halfway decent before the rest of this walnut gets cut into bits. #letsmakeadresser #sowsear

Donezo! Teak Mystery Chair, lime green linen upholstery. What an awesome workshop. Thanks so much to Amanda and Katherine and the whole Spruce crew! #upholsterycamp (at Spruce Upholstery)

Pli-grip! #upholsterycamp (at Spruce Upholstery)

Mitering some welt cord! #upholsterycamp (at Spruce Upholstery)

Corner! #upholsterycamp (at Spruce Upholstery)