And this! From my friends at Horizon Wood Products in Pennsylvania, a perfectly clear 12/4 slab of cherry, 23” wide x 100” long. I have been waiting years for a piece like this, and I know exactly what I am going to use it for. Stay tuned! #exciting

Woohoo! Lumber delivery- always an extra-exciting day at the shop. 65 BF of 8/4 curly soft maple for drawer stock and other interior parts for the dresser, plus one other slab I am *really* excited about… #letsmakeadresser

Pair of Eames chairs ready to be put back into service, good as old.

Pool noodles on sale at the hardware store = fancy new sawhorse pads for the shop. #fancy #poolparty

On the bench this afternoon: a vintage Eames chair that has seen better days. Hoping to get it back into working condition soon.

Cleaning up the dovetails holding the case together. #letsmakeadresser

…And the best part: delicious roof-honey! I’m not going to lie- this stuff is ridiculously good. 🐝🐝🐝 #bees #honey #science #roof

Today’s adventure: investigating the not-so-mysterious buzzing around our roof. Turns out some busy bees decided to have a slumber party inside one of our dormers. Kind of annoying, but mostly pretty awesome. Luckily we found someone who was happy to collect the bees and remove the combs intact, and now they are all going to go live in their fancy new bee-home in Waller, TX. 🐝🐝🐝 #bees #science #roof #delicioushoney

Case is glued up! Thank you, West System Extra-Slow Epoxy. #dovetails #walnut #letsmakeadresser

XXL storey sticks in use. The sliding dovetail “ways” keep the sticks in line. Checking this gigante walnut case for somethibg vaguely resembling square. #makingthethingthatmeasuresthething #letsmakeadresser

Dovetailed story sticks! #makingthethingthatmeasuresthething

Some chamfers. #makingthethingthatmeasuresthething

…and its friend.

Extra-long sliding dovetails.

Really excited about this- I reground a flat carving chisel, which are generally much thinner than regular bench chisels, into a super low-angle paring chisel so I could work inside the sockets on the tail-boards for these dovetails. Not exactly, you know, *stop the presses*, but I’m excited about it anyway. #letsmakeadresser