Exciting wood score from Tuesday: two massive 12/4 flitch-cut slabs of pecan for an upcoming project. Stay tuned! #dininganddiscourse

This maple benchtop cleans up pretty nice. I will say this- despite earlier sad sack handwringing over, you know, Feelings and whatnot, it’s exciting to have what feels like a brand new bench here at the shop. I can’t wait to get back to work on it. #woodworking #lienielsen #exciting

Looks nice, feels weird. #sofancy

I wasn’t expecting to be Bench Flattening Day when I woke up this morning, but after three or four years of hard use, it’s time. I read somewhere that you’re not a real woodworker unless you re-flatten your bench like four times an hour.

Oh well, I guess I’m not a real woodworker. It’s not even really the process itself that I mind- I actually think it’s pretty fun. It just always makes me kind of sad to see the patina that gets built up over the course of making things- the dings and glue and finish and coffee stains- disappear. It’s a funny thing to set out to make things that will outlast every single person living today, but at the same time feel that you have no evidence of having made it.

Paring some pins. #dovetails #letsmakeadresser

Chopping shoulders on one of the drawer backs, 12x speed. Chop chop chop. #hyperlapse #letsmakeadresser #dovetails

Laying out pins for the backs of the drawers. #letsmakeadresser #dovetails #pinsfirst

Sent from my iPad. Quartersawn white oak, steel stringing.

Completed S. I know I’ve said it before, but I really love carving letters. #lettercarving #retablo #gothic

Fancy S carvin’. #lettercarving #retablo

Excited to get back to some lettercarving. Stay tuned! #lettercarving #retablo


Made a fancy brass override antennae for the Sawstop. Take that, cutting edge yet ultimately dehumanizing safety features. Humans 1, Robots 0. #hotdogfingers

@keithemcg said: Now what exactly does your brass override do? As in what’s the point in overriding the safety feature of that blade?

-Fair question.  Basically, I needed to cut some thin sheet steel on the saw, and the only metal-cutting blade I had available was a 7-1/4”-diameter.  As it turns out, the SawStop won’t operate without the brake in close proximity to the blade, even though it has a built-in override that can be used for cutting “conductive” materials, such as metal or extra-green wood.  (I have heard that pressure-treated wood can also set the sensor off due to the copper content of the pressure-treating formula, but I haven’t tried it myself.)  Anyway, with the blade being a smaller diameter, the brake couldn’t “sense” it, meaning the saw wouldn’t switch on, even with the override.  The antennae seems to trick the brake-sensor-proximity circuit-mechanism-robo-brain into thinking the blade is much closer to the brake than it actually is, and that therefore it was OK/ACCEPTABLE for a lowly, pathetic human such as myself to actually turn the thing on.

All of this being said, I am excited to put both the saw and the regular safety features back into normal use as soon as I can.  

Fancy steel stringing inlaid into quartersawn white oak. I’m excited. #lettercarving #sofancy

Cutting some steel stringing for an upcoming project. #sawstop #lettercarving

Made a fancy brass override antennae for the Sawstop. Take that, cutting edge yet ultimately dehumanizing safety features. Humans 1, Robots 0. #hotdogfingers